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Tarot and Oracle Readings

The world is full of unanswered and unresolved questions

It may be difficult to unearth solutions. Guidance and objective reflection can be elusive. Psychic Readings allow the participant to ask simple or complex questions to shed light on these questions. ​

Jennie Monserud draws on her intuitive healing, of the mind, body and spirit and uses different mediums to guide and discover the universe’s reply. Each reading has a different focus. If you have any questions about the right fit for you and your current situation and goals, please reach out.

Earth and Moon Translation

Unsure of where to begin? This is the perfect session to introduce you to the

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Oracle’s Lesson

An energy review accesses and realigns your energetic meridian flow

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This is an intuitive examination and discussion of important moments in client’s past lives

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Change of Direction

An energetic read of the energy fields surrounding your body. The restoration filters

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Oracle Stones

A comforting interpretation of information offered by magical stones, gems and crystals

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Earth and Moon Translation

Applies the spirit of Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon to provide guidance and answers. This is a nurturing and comforting reading that draws from nature. The spirit of Mother Earth is grounded in deep love and desire for the best for all beings.


Oracle’s Lesson​

The “lesson” is a positive high vibration reading. It connects with the intuitive bodies, guides, angels, God, and Goddesses to divine information and provide guidance. This reading may offer deep, emotional healing and traumatic event support. Your sense of well being and health has the potential for great improvement.



Aggressively honest insight allows advancement to your highest self, achieving personal growth. Pooling information and guidance from previous lives delivers understanding and healing to participants. This reading allows the participant to ask difficult and uncomfortable questions. Honest guidance and helpful healing is the ultimate outcome.


Change of Direction​

Life changes and goal fulfilment are pivotal to overcome life’s hurdles. The psychic healer focuses specifically on your life paths, variations, and possibilities to discover an optimal course of action. This reading allows the participant to evaluate the need to change direction to continue on life’s journey.


Oracle Stones​

A comforting interpretation of information offered by magical stones, gems and crystals. The healer communes with specific rocks to gather information about your questions or situation.

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