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Life’s Journey

If you have exhausted doctors and tests and still feel the same, the Life’s Journey Program is for you.

If you have pain, disease, or mental worry, this program is for you. If you are struggling to find answers, this program is for you. If you have no energy or luster for life or motivation, this program is for you. If you are experiencing life’s struggles and changes, the Life’s Journey program is for you!

Life’s journey program is a unique opportunity to transform your pain, health, and life!

This program offers a complete immersion into healing the mind, body, and soul. Your program is about finding you, transforming boundaries, healing old and new wounds, and allowing for higher versions of yourself.

This program helps you find the paths that work for you and teaches you new ways of creating and healing yourself. Your destination will be different because you are unique.

Jennie tailors tools for each patient.

Each month we will build on the knowledge and healing gained from the previous month, helping you reach your personal goals.

The Process

What this program will do for you

This program heals spiritual wounds and helps clear emotional trauma.

We will discover techniques to create deep relaxation which will help increase the body and mind’s ability to recover from most medical situations and extensive stress. When tension releases, you feel all-around lighter. Sleep is greatly improved which helps ease the connection of mind, body, and soul.

In medicine, each part of our body is treated as a separate entity, with different doctors for each area. But nature is interconnected. Jennie will guide you to increase your connection of mind, body, and soul. This connection will increase vitality which can postpone the aging process and influence spiritual growth.

It offers opportunities to improve blood flow, the body’s movement and balance, the function of the brain and immune system (including the lymphatic system), and the endocrine system.

This program accelerates your body’s ability to heal and helps quiet the mind. Many clients report a boost in enthusiasm and feeling like their body and life are in balance and harmony.

We will create new possibilities and openness to a higher purpose and decrease mental fatigue, worry, loneliness, and confusion.

Together we will reprogram old thought patterns, support positive body image and self-love, and instill empowering thoughts.

You may uncover new pathways and goals and remove subconscious blockages. Our clients have dramatically transformed their health and life.

Program Structure

The program can be completed over one or two months, based on your preference. Many clients find so much value and make vast changes and improvements to their lives they make an ongoing commitment to the program. However, we don’t require any commitment – try it out for one month and see all the positive effects on your life.

1-month pricing

2-month pricing

The same program spread over 2 months instead of 1 month

$450 due at the start of each month for the first 2 months, includes massage

$350 due at the start of each month in 2-month commitment blocks