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Environment Restoration​​

A House Healing

Is your life stagnant, stuck in harmful patterns, reliving challenging situations or relationships?​

Or have you undergone a major life change recently? Is your physical environment filled with depression, anxiety or a feeling of stuckness? If your life isn’t flowing smoothly and you are experiencing a feeling of heaviness and struggling to reach your goals, your physical environment may need readjustment. Your sleep, creativity, growth, and everyday life functions could be inhibited.

This is the time to do an Environment Restoration

Jennie Monserud uses energy, sound, color, and air to restore the natural flow and vibration to your surroundings. The deep energetic movements filter debris and influence the positive energetic flow in your home, business, and ultimately, life.

Environment Restoration clears the environment, and allows the space for new adventures and positive life changes to unfold.

Each session is tailored to your individual goals and dreams, taking into account how your physical space affects your body, mind and spirit.

Environment Restoration​​​ Options

Cost for sessions 1 and 2